A Spot of Teal is an organization formed with the intent to help increase the number of ovarian cancer survivors. Its inception was inspired by the following story:

Our sister, while struggling with ovarian cancer, attended a cancer survivors' benefit and was looking for a 'spot of teal' in a sea of pink ribbons- the pink ribbons representing breast cancer survivors, and the lack of teal ribbons, a statement of the very few ovarian cancer survivors.

A Spot of Teal has three goals: to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and early detection, to provide emotional and financial support to local women who are facing the challenges brought on by this disease, and to encourage the art of quilting in recognition of its support to cognitive, creative, and emotional well-being.

Our main fundraising event is our quilt show. The next one is scheduled to be held in September 2019. We hope to see you there!

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